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Steve Jobs once said: “…the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

My search started many years ago. Precisely on the day I discovered West African drum and dance! I was mesmerized by the powerful rhythm, the vibrancy that sparks between the drummers and dancers and the lively beat. My passion was lit. And my life completely changed during my three months sabbatical in West Africa.

From Management to Volunteering. After my sabbatical, my career in Marketing seemed meaningless. Something was missing in my life. I knew instantly: I had to go back to Africa. My search brought me to Manzini, in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland, where I worked for a small NGO. I learnt so much about African culture and traditions; I also learnt that a lot of people confuse Swaziland with Switzerland – well, never mind… But again: Even here, something was missing…

And back I go to Europe – London to be precise – where I worked as an Internal Communications Manager for an INGO. You would think that by now I had nailed it, right? Hmm…not quite! I missed the African vibe, the colors, the smells and – admittedly – also the chaos. With the help of a career coach I finally discovered what I truly enjoy in my life and what am passionate about… to share my passion for traveling and my love of Africa with other people. I started my career as travel consultant.

Africa to me means “feeling alive”! Everyone should carry a little bit of Africa inside them: happiness, gratitude towards the things you have, feeling content and to truly live in the here and now.

I love my job. I don’t need to tell you this. You can feel it during our first phone conversation.

So no matter what you are looking for, a special holiday, an unforgettable honeymoon or a rewarding travel experience for a valuable team member; I will plan exactly what you desire: Personal. Individual. Memorable.

Would you like to have a bit of Africa in you?

Then contact me today. I’m your African Experience Guide. I listen to you. The better I know you and your needs, the better I can plan your trip according to your preferences and to the smallest detail – a 100% tailor-made private journey.

Or read through my Africa Travel Blog with loads of information and personal stories for some inspiration.

I am looking forward to meeting you…

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By the way… ,Wanderlust’ demonstrates my passion for travel and my strong desire to discover and explore the world – well, in my case, Africa!

Wanderlust Africa Alexandra Katzer

Would you like to have a bit of Africa in you?

All aspects of your trip can be designed to your specific requirements

My Service To You


My expertise comes from living or having lived in Africa and traveling extensively across Southern and Eastern Africa. I give you expert advice based on personal experience and on the ground local knowledge.


I listen to what you want. I take your specific requirements regarding travel time, trip duration, favorite excursions and preferred accommodation and tailor make a unique itinerary just for you.


You can contact me anytime for last-minute questions about your trip and I’m on hand 24/7 when you are away. You are in the capable hands of my reputable partners on the ground for a perfect holiday.


I work with accredited local partners who have long-standing experience in their respective African countries. All my safaris are covered by a guarantee protecting your money for peace of mind.

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