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Africa is an inspirational continent. There is no better place for self-reflection. It’s a place that touches all your senses. It makes you feel alive. The pace of life seems to slow down. It changes your perspective. It makes you appreciate the things you have in life. You start living in the here and now. You use all your senses and connect body, mind and spirit for a truly transformational experience. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect spot for your coaching or yoga retreat?

Are you a coach or yoga teacher looking for something special to offer your clients? 

Africa is very diverse and options are nearly unlimited! Would you like to do sunset yoga at the beach? Do you prefer a combination of yoga and wellness combined with fine dining and wine tasting? Or perhaps you’d like to organize a coaching retreat in the African wilderness – how about a walking safari where you can incorporate elements of nature in your coaching session. Do you prefer a luxurious venue or one that has a rather rustic feel to it?

Browse some of my ideas for retreats in Africa below for inspiration.

You ask. I tailor.




Are you looking for an oasis of peace? A place where you can relax in a welcoming atmosphere and self-reflect? The remote Laikipia Region in Kenya and the home away from home called Sandai Farm is the perfect place for meditation and daily yoga practices amidst the wilderness of the African bush. Add an amazing safari experience to your yoga program for a memorable yoga safari adventure. More information on Yoga Meets Safari.

Does this sound familiar? You are rushing from one appointment or meeting to the next. You quickly eat something on the go while checking Facebook and Twitter. You arrive at home exhausted. You wonder what you have been up to all day. You are not mindful of the things happening around you. This retreat option incorporates elements of nature. On a walking safari through the remote wilderness in Tanzania you awaken all your senses. This retreat is: Wild. Remote. Private. Perfect to get back in touch with yourself. Check it out here.

Namibia is a wonderful country for everyone who loves mind-blowing scenery, nature, culture and animals. Stargazing in Namibia is second to none! With ancient cultures like the Himba Tribe and the San Bushmen it is also a wonderful place to go back to basic. Namibia offers perfect retreat venues to reconnect, transform and be inspired by yoga practices and meditation amidst the power of nature. Have a look at possible activities here.

South Africa is the perfect destination for a wellness retreat. Purify your body and mind. Relax during a massage. Restore with silent meditation. Achieve harmony during your yoga practice. Detox with a healthy diet. Should we allow a cheat day? Then indulge in fine dining and wine tasting. South Africa offers diverse retreat options. Contact me to discuss your ideas.

Interested? Then contact me today to start planning your retreat

All retreats in Africa are designed according to your expectations.

Your benefits


Offering unique retreats in Africa opens up new opportunities for you. You win new clients and strengthen your relationships with your existing ones. Stand out from the crowd!


I listen to what you want. Based on your specific expectation in regards to venue, additional activities/excursions, retreat duration and travel time, I tailor a unique retreat package just for you – at a fair price.


I do all the research and offer you a detailed retreat package. This saves you valuable time. If you’d like, I can also provide an assistant for the whole duration of the retreat. This let’s you focus on what you do best.


All retreats are covered by public liability insurance and a scheme protecting your money for peace of mind. I only work with accredited local partners who have long-standing experience in their respective African countries.

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