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When I founded Wanderlust Africa, I always envisioned offering life-changing retreats in Africa! I used the “quiet” Corona time to do a certification as a nature coach. We live in a world where we are more connected digitally than face to face. Not only have we lost contact with nature, but also with ourselves. How often do we go through life on autopilot? When do we really stop to feel what’s going on inside us? Hardly ever, right? Because when we feel uncomfortable, we distract ourselves! Computer games, two or three glasses more alcohol than usual, retail therapy maxing out the credit card or binge-watching our famous Netflix series.

With my retreats, I would like to make a small contribution to finding ourselves again. To pause and reflect on what’s important to us. And then dare to take the next step towards a fulfilled, happy and meaningful life.

And where could you do that better than in Africa – this truly inspirational continent? There is no better place for self-reflection. It’s a place that touches all your senses. It makes you feel alive. The pace of life seems to slow down. It changes your perspective. It makes you appreciate the things you have in life. You start living in the here and now. You use all your senses and connect body, mind and spirit for a truly transformational experience.

Change of life the easy way!

Unique travel

& nature


24 to 30 June 2022: Reset your mind – Revive your life!

My 7-day retreat in Magical Kenya is aimed at single mid-career professionals who feel stuck in life and keep incredulously asking themselves, “Is this it?”

In a small group between five and a maximum of eight participants, you’ll not only get a fantastic glimpse of Kenya, but you’ll also have learned simple forest bathing techniques that will energise and rejuvenate you in stressful situations, be more self-aware and able to let go of negative thoughts and release pent-up feelings through journaling and entering into dialogue with your internal team, have received unique answers and guidance from your environment that help you formulate the next steps on your life journey while considering your innermost desires and dreams and know how to decode nature’s messages, so you can tap into your inner wisdom whenever you seek answers to all life’s big questions.

Click here to find out more about this unique experience.

You don’t fancy group travel? 

How about an exclusive 1:1 Coachcation?

Err. What?

Coachcation = Coaching & Vacation! 

Ideal when you’re the spontaneous and adventurous type. You are in desperate need of a break as you’re close to breaking point? Your stressful and hectic life just gets too much…  Then join me on a coachcation wherever I’m in the world. 

My coachcations combine forest bathing and nature coaching interventions to help you gain clarity and work through ongoing issues. We dig deep and find answers to the challenges in your life. Between the sessions, you have time to explore, relax, reflect, and keep up the momentum to achieve better results in less time. 

I’m a registered tour operator, so I can organise the entire trip for you if you wish. All you need to do is pack your bag and hop on a plane. 

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Be inspired by nature's ability to unlock your inner wisdom!

Your benefits


In nature, you‘ll grow to understand your inner chaos and become clear about what your change of life will look like at the end.


You‘ll be deeply motivated, as every solution you identify comes from within. Consequently, you are more likely to follow through and deliver on your dreams.


Moving in the fresh air and focusing on your senses reduces stress levels, strengthens your immune system, releases happy hormones, and simply soothes the body, mind and spirit.


Nature helps you deeply reconnect with yourself, access your inner compass for clear guidance, and strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.

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