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13 reasons not to travel to Africa

Here are 13 reasons why we think you shouldn’t travel to Africa. Do you agree with us?

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St. Lucia excursions, South Africa

St. Lucia Excursions: Top 10 Tips

The Elephant Coast in the KwaZulu-Natal region features a spectacular landscape. You’ll find charming coastal areas, some wonderful game reserves and a fascinating underwater world. It’s a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving. St. Lucia is the main tourist town in the area. It’s a small idyllic place with restaurants and cafes. The highlight of […]

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Accommodation options on Safari

Accommodation options on safari: Key differences

Planning a safari can be a daunting task. Not only are there so many destinations to choose from, you also have so many different accommodation options on safari. Where to lay your head? Lodges? Tented camps? Permanent or semi-permanent tented camps? Classic camping? Here’s a little guide to help you navigate through the accommodation jungle… Safari […]

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Things to do in Botswana: Fly over the Delta

7 amazing things to do in Botswana

You may have noticed that I do have a “thing” for Botswana! To me it’s the ultimate safari destination: stunning landscapes and loads of wildlife. And the bonus; there are so many things to do in Botswana. Maybe I love Botswana so much because I was in awe when elephants crossed the highway right in front […]

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Packing tips for your safari

3 simple packing tips for your safari

I suffer from chronic over-packing disorder! Guilty as charged… Packing for any kind of holiday lets me break out in a sweat before I even start with this nearly impossible task on hand. The good news: Packing for an African safari is fairly easy when following these 3 simple packing tips… Packing tips No 1: Pack […]

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World Heritage Sites in East Africa: Ngorongoro Crater

World Heritage Sites: 5 wonderful East African jewels

Places of natural wonders and cultural significance. Places of exceptional architecture and of outstanding universal value. That’s how UNESCO is characterizing World Heritage Sites. Did you know there are 89 of them in Africa – spread across 33 countries? I was lucky enough to visit a third of them so far and would like to […]

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Video: Safari Botswana – Amazing!

Botswana holidays are something special; and a safari Botswana is rich in contrasts. Elephants that play at the Chobe River Front. Mokoro Trips through the many lagoons and waterways of the Okavango Delta. Mesmerizing sunsets. Exclusive accommodation. Botswana will mesmerize you. Why don’t you see for yourself? It takes only 90 seconds… Safari Botswana – […]

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South Africa

What makes South Africa attractive?

Some people think it’s too urbanized. Others feel it is too western. Perhaps a little bit too boring? Far from it! Having lived in Swaziland made me appreciate the beauty and diversity that South Africa offers its travelers. So what is it that makes the rainbow nation South Africa an alluring place to visit? South […]

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Spotlight Namibia

Have you ever been curious what the moon looks like? Stop wondering and discover the out of this world landscape of Namibia! Drive through the lunar-like scenery of the Namib Naukluft Park, fly to the ghostly shipwrecks scattered along the Skeleton Coast or climb the fiery-red sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Visit the eye-catching Himbas – […]

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Myths about Africa

7 myths about Africa unraveled

I will never forget the moment when I told my family and friends that I was moving to Africa! Jaws dropped, shocked stares and momentary speechlessness that eventually was followed with hair-rising myths about Africa! Even after many years living in Africa, visiting 17 countries and endless travels, I am still searching for the Africa […]

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