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13 reasons not to travel to Africa

Here are 13 reasons why we think you shouldn’t travel to Africa. Do you agree with us?

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Myths about Africa

7 myths about Africa unraveled

I will never forget the moment when I told my family and friends that I was moving to Africa! Jaws dropped, shocked stares and momentary speechlessness that eventually was followed with hair-rising myths about Africa! Even after many years living in Africa, visiting 17 countries and endless travels, I am still searching for the Africa […]

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West Africa - an trip of a lifetime

West Africa: An amazing trip of a lifetime

I took my very first steps on African soil during my three-months sabbatical in West Africa. Senegal, Ghana, Mali & Burkina Faso were the focus of this trip. My passion for West Africa Dance and Drumming brought me back to West Africa several times; today I’d like to share some of my most memorable places […]

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Dogon Dancers in Africa

Africa: What everybody should know…

Who doesn’t know this feeling – you hear a specific word and certain ideas or thoughts pop into your mind! Most of these thoughts are based on stereotypes, myths or media information. Before I had my first hands on experience with Africa, I was only thinking about war, starvation, severe draughts and misfortune – images […]

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