Which safari accommodation? 3 questions to ask

A safari is all about wildlife encounters and experiencing the African bush. For me, it’s also about listening to the roaring lion in the distance while sitting at a crackling campfire. Falling asleep to the sounds of the night. Feeling very close to nature and feeling away from every day life. Ask yourself these 3 key questions to find out which safari accommodation is the right one for you…

1. Do you prefer a bush or hotel feel?

Tented Camp in the Serengeti

If you love falling asleep to the sounds of the night; if you don’t mind waking up by animals roaming around outside and if you are happy being watched by zebras while brushing your teeth, then you are the perfect guest for a tented camp. I am sure it will be a safari accommodation you’ll love.

If the above would make you feel uncomfortable, then a safari lodge is the better option. Your room has solid walls, most likely featuring all popular hotel amenities, such as WIFI, power outlets, perhaps even a TV and a „proper“ bathroom with running hot and cold water and shower facility.

2. Do you prefer a home away from home or anonymity?

Home away from home: A tented Camp

Tented camps are more intimate than lodges as they generally only accommodate up to 24 guests; some even less. Lodges can host anything between 80 and 200 travelers.

Meals at a lodge are a buffet-style experience in a large room. In a tented camp, you enjoy a ‚family-like’ atmosphere. Some tented camps serve the meals at a communal table where you share your meal with the camp manager, your guides and your fellow travelers. What I love about this set up? You get to know other travelers; you talk about each other’s safari highlights and listen to fascinating safari tales by your guides.

3. Do you prefer something special or the ordinary experience?

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge TanzaniaThe majority of packaged safari tourists stay in lodges. Some of the lodges are also a stopover for tourists traveling on an overland truck. So if you’d like to stay away from mass tourism, then a tented camp is the better choice for you. In addition it gives you a touch of adventure without compromising on quality. Staying in a tented camp is special and in my opinion a unique and authentic safari experience.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules! Staying at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania is a very exklusive and special experience. Perhaps this would be the right safari accommodation for you?


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Tanzania

Are you still not sure? Read this article about the main differences between tented camps and safari lodges.

Which is your preferred choice of safari accommodation? Tell me more about it…