3 amazing reasons why Botswana will surprise you!

I discovered Botswana on my two week self-drive while living in Swaziland. I was mesmerized from day one by her unique beauty! This first trip left me with amazing impressions. Although I always say, that each country in Africa is unique and beautiful in its own way, Botswana is my most favorite safari destination. What is it that makes Botswana so special?

1. Botswana is rich in contrasts…

Okavango Delta Botswana

For most people thinking of a safari in Botswana, the Okavango Delta springs to mind – a 15,000km² stunning water-wilderness of papyrus swamps and floodplains sprinkled with islands and laced with a network of channels. The Okavango River slowly carves its way from Angola to Botswana where it ends – not in an ocean like most rivers – but in the Delta forming breathtaking lagoons and waterways.

Chobe River Front Botswana

Another well-known area is the Chobe National Park with its popular Chobe River Front and its more remote and exclusive Savute and Linyanti region bordering Chobe. The region is a well-watered wildlife paradise with a large elephant population, the endangered wild dogs and the big cats – although the latter are fairly common you need some patient to see them. But I also recommend exploring the dry areas to discover Botswana’s beauty…

Botswana Salt Pans

The Magkadigkadi Salt Pans are simply stunning – a vast nothingness where earth and sky blend into each other only leaving a hazy mirage on the horizon. If you come here, don’t expect huge herds of animals, rather enjoy the solitude of this untouched wilderness – am sure you feel light years away from modern life.

Game drives through the Kalahari Botswana

You will find the same solitude in the Central Kalahari – covering 50,000km², most of which is inaccessible; this semi-desert is truly the ultimate in ‘remote’ safari destinations. The scenery is changing depending on your travel time but is most enticing in the first months of the year with lush and green plains attracting thousand of springboks and gemsboks. With a bit of luck, you will also be able to find the black-maned lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas. Come and explore Botswana’s unique and fascinating wilderness areas – from desert to delta and from rivers to salt pans.

2. Never a dull moment

Mokoro Trips Botswana

Do you get easily bored just sitting in a land-cruiser while watching game? That’s the beauty about Botswana – you are not limited to the traditional safari activities of day and night game drives or bush walks; there are so many different ways for you to discover the animal kingdom! Glide silently through the lily-covered waterways and lagoons in your traditional mokoro – a dug out canoe and watch the wildlife from a different perspective – literally at eye level.

Okavango Delta Botswana

Often it’s the smaller things that catch your attention – a tropical fish flashing through the clear waters of the Delta and a Kingfisher diving for them or a little frog sitting on the reed. If this is a little bit too quiet for you, then go on a motorboat-safari and stay among large herds of elephants coming to the river to drink, to play or to bath among crocs, hippos and birds. Not to forget watching mesmerizing sunsets.

Boat Safari Chobe River Front Botswana

And if you are experienced in horse-riding, why not exploring the beautiful nature on a horseback safari including a visit to the wild but very trusting meerkats of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and fly-camping. One tip – lie on your back at night time and get lost in stargazing. You will be mesmerized by the glittering arch of the Milky Way!

Kalahari Selfdrive Botswana

And if you love the ultimate adventure vacation then go on a self-drive. Picture this: You drive on the road to Kasane and all of a sudden elephants appear next to the roadside, contemplating to cross the road. I am pretty sure you will be as speechless as I was. Last but not least, be on the lookout for the wildlife underneath you during your free flight over the swamps and lagoons to get to your accommodation. To me Botswana is the icing on the cake when it comes to variety and am sure you will also fall in love with it…

3. Exclusivity and being close to nature

Fly-in Safari Botswana

Botswana’s government is pursuing a “high value / low volume” strategy, which means that only a certain amounts of tourists can be accommodated each year. Although Botswana holidays comes with a certain price tag be assured it is worth every cent. You have an exclusive safari experience, awesome wildlife and a tremendous variety available in one location! Botswana has a patchwork of private concessions dotted with only a few small and well-designed safari lodges and camps that are mainly reachable by plane; as there are no public campsites let alone public access, you can enjoy fantastic game viewing without the crowds.

Kalahari Plains Camp Deception Valley Botswana

You are surrounded by unspoiled nature while watching wild animals in their home territory. I still remember my first visit to Kalahari Plains Camp, southeast of Deception Valley – only one of two camps in this region that has the size of Switzerland! Imagine sitting on your private veranda, looking out onto the plains and listening to nature. It is paradise and you feel in harmony with yourself, nature and wildlife and the pressure of your daily life dissolves in nothingness…


Do you agree with the above? Why do you want to discover Botswana… ?