Travel to Zimbabwe: 6 amazing secrets

Zimbabwe hasn’t been in the limelight in recent years; political and economic misfortunes as well as corruption are key topics reported on by the media. But Travel to Zimbabwe appears more and more on the radar of the international traveler – and this is for good reasons! Find out 6 secrets why travel to Zimbabwe is a must-be on your bucket list…

Best safari guides

Walking Safari with Big Cave Camp, Matobos National Park, Zimbabwe

Unless those leopards are right in front of me, I struggle to spot them. I actually struggle to spot anything in the distance. And what I usually perceive to be wild animals turn out to be some heap of earth. Hence I am always completely mesmerized by what a professional guide can see. They spot a wagging tale in the scrub, some ears in the trees or a fresh spoor on the ground. You will be pleased to know that Zimbabwe has some of the most qualified guides in Africa. They undergo rigorous training and are truly experts in their field. They are armed with a wealth of knowledge and you can feel the passion they have for their country and the job they do. A safari through Zimbabwe will be a high quality guiding experience.

Affordable Safari destination without the crowds

Big Cave Camp Matobos National Park, Zimbabwe

Imagine walking around with a wheelbarrow full of money…! Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. Since the introduction of the US Dollar, Zimbabwe has now a stable currency that offers good value for money. Zimbabwe is still a fairly untouched place when it comes to tourism – so you can explore this stunning place without the crowds. This does not mean that you will lack any kind of amenities on your travel to Zimbabwe! You will find a broad range of world-class accommodation that beautifully complement Zimbabwe’s diverse landscape. For example: Big Cave Camp – a safari lodge on the rocks! Whatever your choice, Zimbabwe has the ideal accommodation for you that match your budget: from standard to deluxe to superior. No matter what you choose, you can expect a picturesque view that is exclusively Zimbabwean.

Travel to Zimbabwe means Adventure

Bungee-Jumping Victoria Falls Are you an adrenaline junky? Then famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the ideal location for you. There is nothing you can’t do at this lively little town. Cover grade 5 rapids on a wild water-rafting trip. Bungee-jump from no-man’s land between Zimbabwe and Zambia – a 111 meters of pure adrenaline rush. (Note: don’t forget your passport when getting onto Victoria Falls Bridge and make sure it’s securely stowed away during your fall.) Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over the thundering Victoria Falls or experience the tranquility of the upper Zambezi River during a half- or full-day canoe trail. If you prefer it to be a little less fast paced, decide on a river cruise or stroll through the many curio shops in town. You can also experience other activities like a bridge walk or horse riding – the list is endless…

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Fascinating landscapes and great wildlife

Elephants in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an unknown jewel amongst the safari destinations in Southern Africa! It features four different UNESCO World Heritage SitesMana Pools National Park, Matobo National Park, Victoria Falls and the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe. The scenery is simply stunning – from beautiful lakes, streams and rivers to the wide plains of Hwange National Park and the diverse scenery of Gonarezhou characterized by ancient Baobabs, remarkable cliffs and swaying palm trees. Be prepared for the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen in your life over Lake Kariba with the Matusadona Mountains in the background. The wildlife encounters are second to none! Zimbabwe is a truly magical place to see the classic Big Five and is known for huge herds of elephants; if you love birds, you will not be disappointed either.

Travel to Zimbabwe means traveling back in time

Great Ruins of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is rich in culture. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Great Ruins of Zimbabwe is the largest medieval ruin in sub-Saharan Africa built between the 11th and 15th century. In Matobo Hills, you can admire amazing ancient rock carvings and paintings by the San people. Matobo Hills is a place of mystery and mystical powers and a significant spiritual place for the locals. Also check out the popular soapstone sculptures by the local Shona people that are well known in the worldwide art scene.

Great self-drive destination

If you love road tripping then a visit to Zimbabwe is a must. National parks are well sign-posted and you are fully flexible and independent. You don’t really need a 4×4 even if you go to Hwange National Park, as road conditions are good. And most importantly, distances are manageable and some of the highlights are perfectly located along your self-drive route, such as Hwange National Park, The Great Ruins of Zimbabwe, the stunning mountain scenery of the Eastern Highlands and Chilojo Cliffs in Gonarezhou. One thing to consider though are police roadblocks; but with a friendly smile, remaining polite and showing a true passion for Zimbabwe, you will not have any issues.

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