Why safari holiday in Tanzania: 5 reasons

For many international travelers, a safari holiday in Tanzania is the embodiment of a typical African safari: endless plains and fascinating landscapes, dense intensity of wildlife and breath-taking wildlife encounters and authentic cultural experiences including getting a feel for the African way of life. Is a safari holiday in Tanzania really that amazing? Having been to Tanzania several times, I’ll let you in on a little secret; it’s as captivating as they say. Find out why…

Tanzania is a time-less safari destination

Tanzania is a great destination for everyone who goes on their first safari holiday. The Northern Circuit slowly accustoms you to your bush experience, the daily African life and stunning sceneries. It also covers the classic safari destinations that everyone knows: The world-famous Serengeti and the wonderful Ngorongoro Conservancy. If you are an experienced safari enthusiast or if you prefer a more off-the-beaten-track experience, then Tanzania is also the place to be. Ruaha and Selous are two jewels in the South of Tanzania. These parks are characterized by untouched wilderness and remoteness. Walking safaris or fly camping provide the ultimate bush experience. Not to forget the west of Tanzania: The Mahale Mountains and Katavi. Chimp Tracking and huge herds of buffalo, elephants and thousands of zebra are on the agenda. The remoteness makes it also an ideal spot for a private honeymoon holiday.

Chimpanzees in Mahale, Tanzania

Tanzania is the ideal choice for everyone who loves a bush and beach combo

Not only does a safari holiday in Tanzania offer amazing wildlife experiences, you are also spoilt with choice when it comes to selecting your beach adventure. The options are nearly endless. Do you prefer the mystical Zanzibar Island, also known as the Spice Island? The amazing scuba diver paradise Mafia Island? The remote Fanjove Island in the Songo Songo Archipelago or the dreamy Pemba Island. Even if you don’t go for the island option, there are some nice spots along the coast. For example Ras Kutani, located south of Dar es Salaam. To get there, you’ll be rowed across the calm waters of a lagoon. And you’ll be greeted by a wild stretch of white beach tucked away amongst lush tropical vegetation.

Beach treasures

Tanzania is not only an amazing location for wildlife encounters on land, it’s also an underwater paradise

I do love diving, but I do hate cold water seeping through my wetsuit. You feel my pain? You’ll be happy to know that the Indian Ocean’s water temperatures are consistently around 25 degree throughout the year. This combined with sunshine, excellent visibility and some divine diving spots make Tanzania a real treasure trove for water lovers. The Mnemba atoll situated off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar offers magnificent wall diving with a variety of fish and corals, gigantic turtles and magnificent manta rays. If you’d like to see sharks, then Pemba Island is the place to be: grey whalers, white tips, silver tips, hammerheads! The colorful seabed of coral around Mafia Island will surprise you with clownfish, octopuses and manta rays. With a bit of luck you can also spot dolphins.

Tanzania offers the world’s most amazing spectacle of nature

Have you heard of the big migration? About 1.5 million wildebeests and 300,000 zebras are crossing the wide plains of the Serengeti constantly seeking of fresh grazing. Their track takes them all the way into the Masai Mara in Kenya. They do cover approximately 800km! Although the herds tend to follow a certain pattern, the precise route and timing can be very unpredictable; it’s all depending on the yearly rainfall patterns. The highlight is certainly the crocodile-infested river crossing. But even if you don’t see the river crossing, am sure you can imagine the feeding frenzy of predators who all have wildebeest and zebra on their menu; surely an amazing spectacle on your safari holiday.

Tanzania offers an insight into ancient traditions and cultures

Rockart at Kondoa, Tanzania

If you are prepared for some rugged and exhausting road trips on your safari holiday, you’ll be able to visit some amazing ancient sites. Kondoa boasts some amazing rock art dating back about 1500 years. At Lake Eyasi you have the opportunity to experience various tribes who still live today like hundreds of years ago. Go hunting with the Hadzabe tribe or visit the Datoga – metal smiths whose dress and culture is quite similar to the Maasai. Another incredible witness of ancient living are the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara. In the days of glory both sites were significant Swahili settlements and an important link in the trading network between Zimbabwe, Persia, India and China. Kilwa Kisiwani was also the seat of sultans and features impressive remains of the Great Mosque of Kilwa.

What highlight would you like to see during your safari holiday in Tanzania? Tell me more about it…